KOK van KOK? What's this?

A UFO HAS LANDED IN DRESDEN! This is how one of our first guests described it! A UFO ... So unusual, so colorful, so optimistic, just a good mood shop! So a colorful UFO on Dresden's historic Neumarkt. The UFO KOK VAN KOK. The Netherlands’s first flying object and Dresden’s most colorful, cool and modern restaurant is celebrating its premiere. The start took place very quietly with a soft opening. KOK VAN KOK serves Dutch specialties. Pannekoeken savory and sweet, with ham or salami, vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and in three different types of dough. Everything with fresh and regional ingredients, modern and innovative developed by us according to traditional Dutch recipes.

Healthy, tasty & diverse

Healthy and delicious - our credo for a restaurant for the whole family.

Our specialities


According to an old traditional recipe

We have further developed the traditional Dutch recipes in a modern and innovative way. Everything tailored to the modern food culture and fresh, regional ingredients.

Pannenkoeken savory & sweet

We serve hearty Pannenkoeken, e.g. with ham or salami, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free Pannenkoeken variations for the whole family. Of course there are also the traditional Dutch classics and the sweet favorites of the Dutch. For example with banana and chocolate, apple and strawberry sauce or apple, walnut and rum raisins. A pleasure for every meal of the day as well as in between, which represents a full meal and also offers a new taste experience.

Delicious poffertjes

Poffertjes are delicious little pillows for the tongue. They are also considered a Dutch specialty that resemble small, coin-sized pannenkoeken. They are relatively thick, are served warm with small pieces of butter or freshly made chocolate sauce, whipped cream with walnuts and sprinkled with powdered sugar. With coffee, as dessert ... oh, poffertjes always go.

The green pan

The green pan is our obligation and shows you our diversity. KOK VAN KOK - deliciously fresh!

Our restaurant


Philosophy & Design

As colorful and unique as it is on the plates of KOK VAN KOK, the interior design of the restaurant is just as seductive. From day one: a real selfie point. KOK VAN KOK seduces its guests into a little vacation from everyday life and gray pavement into a true wonderland. A colorful play of colors shines out onto Dresden's Neumarkt through the three large glass fronts. The later the day, the brighter the KOK VAN KOK.

The long table

A long table running through the room with 20 colorful bar stools is the central meeting point in the restaurant. And on this table and of course other tables, KOK VAN KOK, the first Dutch specialty restaurant in Dresden, offers savory and sweet pannenkoeken, poffertjes and very special ice cream specialties.


Colorful walls, thousands of colorful tiles; red, orange-colored and green floors form the canvas for the 2.30-meter-tall, colorful Dutch tulips growing in the room and the XXL fruits and XXL vegetables such as chillies, tomatoes, lemons, mushrooms, peppers, peppers hanging from the ceiling, Bananas, strawberries ... all handmade large objects.

KOK van KOK is a greentable restaurant

Not only the color of our tables is green, but also our actions and actions. Sustainability is a matter of course for us! Many of our raw materials come from the region, are sustainably produced, have a Fairtrade seal or are organic products. You will find drinking straws made of straw or glass, recycled napkins, reusable packaging from VYTAL for our Poffertjes and soon also for the Pannenkoeken. We use our used LEMONAID bottles as soap dispensers or sugar shakers. Sustainability can be that simple.

Going to the toilet not only helps you ...

Every time you go to the toilet, you also support the GOLDEIMER campaign and our vision ALL FOR TOILETS! TOILETS FOR EVERYONE! by buying social toilet paper. No trees for the ass! Goldeimer toilet paper is made from 100 percent waste paper, certified with the Blue Angel. Recycled paper helps protect primeval forests in South America, Russia and Scandinavia, ensures biodiversity in these forests, reduces environmental pollution from long transport routes and saves a lot of water and energy. The non-profit company exists for one single reason: it wants everyone around the world to have access to secure sanitation. 4.2 billion people are still excluded from this. 100 percent of the profits from Goldeimer are therefore used to support Sustainable Development Goal 6 of the United Nations. Together with us, provide information and, with every visit to the toilet, provide valuable help to support the global sanitary projects of Goldeimer and its partners VIVA CON AGUA as well as WELTHUNGERHILFE.

Too Good To Go

With the Too Good To Go app, you can always find out whether we have food that you can save from the bin. Download the app and become part of the large community of over 7,000,000 food rescuers in Germany.

Share the meal! With every child serving, you are helping another child around the world.

Share your meal with a starving child in this world. With every Kinderpannenkoeken sold, you feed another child in addition to your child for a day! We give 70 cents per kid's meal to SHARE THE MEAL. By the end of 2021, 1934 meals had already been shared with starving children around the world. This amount would also be enough to feed 1 child for more than 5 years.

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Galeriestraße 2201067 Dresden AltstadtPhone +49 351 48 48 64 64Email dresden@kokvankok.de

Opening times

Monday - Thursday11:30 - 22:00
Friday11:30 - 23:00
Saturday & National holiday09:00 - 23:00
Sunday09:00 - 20:00